Film Trailers and Other Clips

Official Trailer for Journey to Kathmandu

Part One of the Making of ‘J2K’ Series

2nd Film Trailer

Original Film Trailer

First-look Footage from ‘Journey to Kathmandu’ Production

Short Film Starring Main ‘Journey’ Subject, Prem Aryal


  1. hey, i really liked the documentry film about prem. very welled shoot and the reality of the pepole . i really missed nepal

    • Namaste Purba!

      Senchai hunuhuncha?

      I’m glad that you liked the Prem short. Wanna see some more of Prem-ji and his family? Well, you’re in luck, miro sati! There is plenty of more of him to be seen when the actual entire ‘Journey to Kathmandu’ film is released at the end of the year. You can keep coming back here for updates, or, if you’d like, you may subscribe to this blog. Either way, I’m honoured for your interest.



  2. Hi Chris,
    had 3 wonderful weeks in Nepal, 35 performances, lots of happy kids. All at KGH well, have you heard from Alex?

    • Namaste Dai! I heard that you were doing performances. That is wonderful, man. Have not heard from Alex in a few months. I’m sure he’s busy with the twins, though! 😉 Thanks for checking in. (I just got back from some shoots in Cambodia, but will be updating the ‘Journey’ stuff soon.)

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