Posted by: journeytokathmandu | 2014/03/10

How to Make an Attractive DVD Package

We’re so excited buy the energy and response from our successful Kickstarter campaign from last month that we wanted to share with you some of the work that’s been going into the Journey to Kathmandu DVD/CD package.


Ever wonder what goes into making cover art for a DVD or a CD?  Well, check these renderings out!  Brilliant Portland, OR artist, W. Ryan Hatch has shared some of his process with us.  Think of this as a sort of behind-the-scenes of the artist at work.  Which one of these do you like?  We’re partial to the one with Prem-ji, the goats, and the title.  We think Ryan’s work really exemplifies both the journey that the film has taken as well as the actual journey that the goats make to Kathmandu!  Once we’ve finalised our cover art, we’re off to Stumptown Printers to get the packages printed…

photo (5)

photo (6)


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