Posted by: journeytokathmandu | 2013/05/08

The Goats Have Arrived!


Remember me?  Remember “the goats”?  It’s been quite some time since a number of you have heard from me, but alas, this time I have some fantastic news to share.
Just a mere three and a half years after shooting commenced in Nepal, I now have a finished film.  That’s right, ‘Journey to Kathmandu’ has finally (mercifully?) been completed!
Party time! The film is finished!

Party time! The film is finished!

This day has certainly been a long time coming.  A number of you have been with me on this journey for quite some, and for that I have immense gratitude.
When and how might you be able to see the film, you might ask?  At the moment, there is a tentative plan for a Portland premiere at the Hollywood Theatre in late-July.  As soon as plans on this are solidified you will be the first to know.  In the meantime, keep coming back here for all of the latest developments!
More details are forthcoming, but for now, let this shortened entry serve notice to you that…
The goats have arrived.

Kind Regards,
Director, ‘Journey to Kathmandu’


  1. Congratulations, that’s great news! A friend is organising a Himalayan Film Festival and I would love to convince him to include J2K, if you are interested
    Cheers, Lesley

    • Hi Lesley,

      Thank you for the kind comments. Please have your friend (I don’t suppose his name is Glenn is it?) contact me at . There have been a number of “Himalayan” Film Fests over the years, so I would love to hear more about this one. Thanks again, Lesley!

  2. Chris,
    Congratulations my dear friend! Proud, excited, relieved, happy….many emotions I am sure that you feel! And so do I!
    I / we cannot WAIT to see the film!
    Way to go brother…now go watch a hockey game or something, and have a beer…
    Warmest regards,

    • Haha! I like that last part. A lot. 🙂 Can’t wait to show it to you. Means a lot that you’ve been onboard this whole time, brother.

      Talk soon,

  3. Dear Chris,

    Greetings from Film Southasia!

    Could you share your email address (you can email it to, as we would like to share with you, our CALL FOR ENTRIES for the 9th edition of Film Southasia (which will take place in Kathmandu, Nepal from 3rd of October to the 6th). I was just looking up movies that could be screened during the Festival about the Dashain, and chanced upon your film. It would make a great addition to our Festival.

    You can visit for details on FSA.

    Thank you

    Nischal Oli

  4. Namaste, Nishcal! I am greatly looking forward to speaking with you about this possibility.

    Thank you,

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