Posted by: journeytokathmandu | 2013/04/18

Making of a Score for ‘J2K’

Three pieces of scoring down, one to go. Thanks to Sam Ross and Jared Jensen, this film has really taken form over the past month and a half.  These brilliant songs, coupled with the addition of an entire narration, have completely transformed this film and I’m more eager than ever to share with the world.

Editing the 'Making of J2K Score'

Editing the ‘Making of J2K Score’

When is that, you ask?  Still on track for that target date of April 30th!  There will be one last bit of scoring to be cut into the opening and closing of the film.  Essentially, the film is picture locked.  We’re just awaiting that final piece of music, then a full sound mix and color grading will be done, and then it’ll be finished.  Even after three and a half years of this, it’s still going to be somewhat strange to think that ‘Journey to Kathmandu‘ will be a completed film!

So. Two weeks from my self-imposed deadline.  Together with the help of my intern, Peter, we’ve been working up a film festival strategy as well as a potential distribution plan.  The former has some upcoming application deadlines that should serve as even more motivation to get the film done by the end of this month (like I need any more motivation).

In the meantime, enjoy this short ‘Making of’ doc that I made during the scoring sessions by clicking on the link below!

Making of ‘J2K’ Score

And for anyone who was wondering about the style of singing that Sam is using, it is known as Tuvan throat singing.  This particular way of singing is an variant of overtone singing and it comes from the people of the Tuva region in Sibera. You might remember the indie hit Academy Award nominee documentary, Genghis Blues, which essentially followed an American blind musician to Tuva where he would learn how to sing in this style.

‘Journey to Kathmandu’ friend, and internationally reknowned throat singer, Enrique Ugalde (aka Soriah), was Sam Ross’ personal instructor.



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