Posted by: journeytokathmandu | 2013/02/28

Almost There!

Now that I’m back from a five week trip to Cambodia, over the past few days, I’ve been able to tweak the story arc and construct narration for the film.  Many of you who know me, know how hesitant I’ve been to put narration or any of my voice in the film at all.  (Truth is, I’ve fought this particular suggestion/feedback for two years!)  Unless you’re Werner Herzog – which, by the way, you are not – I tend to really not like it when people insist on inserting themselves into their documentary (see ‘Born Into Brothels‘, for the best/worst example of this).  Unless there is great reason and purpose to do so, I generally believe that the documentary subjects need to tell their story themselves.

You are not Werner Herzog

It is with this ‘great reason and purpose’, that I have now turned to (resigned myself?) the convention of narration.  This week the narration was written, recorded, and inserted into the entire timeline.  I think people will be happy with this choice.  I’m actually even coming around to it.  Quite frankly, it was necessary; helped fill in some glaring gaps!


The film is really coming together nicely, as all of the elements are finally (!) starting to mesh into a coherent piece.  The next big phase to be tackled will be the score.

The music is actually going to be a critical element of this film, setting up both the atmosphere and emotional tone to evoke that sense of wonder and awe of the Nepalese culture. That being said, I’ll be working with Portland musicians Sam Ross and Jared Jensen (of “Bombs Into You”) to get the score into place. Other than that, it’s a matter of a sound mix and color grade in order to have a finished film. The target date for the film is April 30th.

Journey to Kathmandu

Me writing up narration for ‘Journey to Kathmandu’


  1. Great news, brother! You know I can’t WAIT!!!

    • Patrick! Namaste, brother. Thank you for helping me keep the dream (the journey!) alive! Excited to show the world…

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