Posted by: journeytokathmandu | 2012/07/26

Completing Films are Kinda Hard to Do..!

So I’ve been at this rough cut for nearly two and a half years now.  This week – after an intervention from a couple of friends, whereby I was practically chained down and forced to block out a week in my schedule book – I’ve been putting the finishing touches on said rough cut.  Today is technically my goal for having it done.  (I’m still furiously making edits as I write this… actually, not as I write this.  As I write this, I’m rendering out a particular section which has allowed me to hop on this here bloggie.)

This is nearly my 20th cut at this thing.  It’s amazing how many different iterations on the story that I’ve come up with.  I suppose that’s the beauty and the nightmare of the doc world.  Ninety percent of the time what you set out to film is not at all what you end up with.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hemmed and hawed over aspects of this particular storyline…

What’s this thing about anyway?  Is it about goats in Nepal?  Is it about the people and culture of Nepal? Is it about Dashain Festival?  Is it about a chai walla and his family?  Is it about goat herders and their goats and the annual trek they make once a year?

Should the section in the mountains stay or go?  Is there enough of Prem-ji and his family?  Am I correctly representing the people, their religion, and their sacrificial practice?  What about the goats… are they gonna have any say in this??

It is now past 10 p.m. and I’ve been at it since this morning.  I am sincerely hopeful that tomorrow will be the day…


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