Posted by: journeytokathmandu | 2012/02/14

Bus Rides Can Be Fun in Nepal

Came across this little gem today when I was cutting one of the scenes from Prem-Ji’s hometown of Gorkha.  This had been taken right after a 5 hour bus ride up the last mountain to his village.  I use the phrase “bus ride” quite loosely, mind you.  My translator, Raj Kumar and I, were sandwiched in between about 40 other Nepalese festivalers who rode with us on top of the bus.  We pretty much careened back and forth along this mountain as we slowly (ever so slooowly) worked our way up to the village. Truly one of the more treacherous rides I’ve taken.

A side note: The Buffalo Sabres hat that I’m wearing in this clip was lost for about 60 secs and there was no way I could or would get off of the bus to gather it up.  So one rather fine young gentleman lept off the top of the bus, ran down the road, gathered up the hat and climbed back on top of the bus, smiled, and handed it back to me… all the while, said bus never stopped moving. Yep.

One more thing.  Do not let this clip fool you. And there is no need to worry: I am NOT in this film.  This is strictly behind-the-scenes.  And this film will NOT be in black and white.  Oh no.  Nepal shall be seen in all of its colourful glory.

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