Posted by: journeytokathmandu | 2010/07/23

Merci, Haiti! Merci, Relief International!

We hope that you enjoyed the first Relief International video (that we posted last week).  This is the third and final (and dare we say ‘favorite’?) of the RI videos that Barang Films produced.  I think it not only captures the brilliant work and building of sustainable lives that RI is helping to foster in Haiti, but it also captures the undying spirit and positivity of the Haitian people.

Again, Barang Films would like to thank the many good souls of Relief International (Emily, Farshad, Joseph, Richard, Sony, Seth, Nikki, Emily, Daniel, Jace, etc) for the wonderful opportunity that was this project in Haiti.  And we would also like to express gratitude for the generosity of the citizens of Haiti… the perspective that you have given us shall be felt deeply for a long time.  And lessons that you have taught us… hopefully for a lifetime.


Chris G. Parkhurst
Director, Barang Films

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