Posted by: journeytokathmandu | 2010/05/07

One Day Fast, Three Days of Kichadi = Little Poop and Much Headache

Well, I’m half-way through my fourth day of the panchakarma cleanse.  On one hand much has happened.  On the other, little has happened. I say much because I’ve experienced a number of interesting phenomena – including consuming some strange, new herbs, veggies, etc. – since I started this thing.  Little, as in, a very small amount has come out the other end after consumption.

Let me give you an overview of my daily rituals.  I wake up at 6:30 a.m. and down water that has been sitting overnight in a copper-made cup.  I then evacuate.  This has become my new favorite way of saying poop.  I evacuate.  Say it out loud right now.  It’s gotta nice ring to it, no?  Anyhow, my good panchakarma consultant, M. Nielsen, suggests that I evacuate immediately after downing said cup of H2O.  This is generally not difficult for me as it’s already part of what I like to call my “morning routine.”

However, things have changed a bit.  I’m actually not really evacuating a whole heckuva lot.  In fact, it’s taking a little time to even get things going.  Is this, I wonder, how my girlfriend feels whenever we go camping or take an extended trip in unfamiliar areas and she can’t, um, evacuate for days?  Hmm, bit uncomfortable.

Anyhow, by Day Four, I am a little more regular (but, man, it sure doesn’t look very regular!).

I then lather myself up with a bunch of coconut oil.  This stuff smells reeeally good and I’m not gonna lie, kinda feels sexy putting it on. After making love to my coconut oil, I begin making the day’s food, kichadi (see accompanying video).  This process generally takes about a little over an hour with prep time included.  During this time, I take a nice steamy, relaxing, hot shower.  And think Good (not necessarily steamy) Happy Affirming Thoughts.

After doing a couple of shots of ghee (clarified butter) – intended to oilate my innards and help with getting rid of the toxins –  I will then put a few things together for my day, drink some of my ginger and lemon tea, meditate for a bit, eat a bowl of the fresh kichadi, then head out for my day.

During the day, I am eating a bowl of the kichadi every two or so hours, drinking lots of the tea (as well as the once-mentioned water, cayenne and maple syrup concoction), and have periods of rest.  I also will log (no, not that kind of “log”) all of the things that I’m experiencing throughout the day.

Example of log:


@ 6:50 a.m. evacuated.  Very small portion, strong unfamilar scent.

@ 9:15 a.m., another evacuation.  Equally small, darker brown in color.

11:15 a.m. – starting to get pretty weak, quite headachey. Core temperature a bit colder.

3- 4:30 p.m. – took nap to rid myself of headache.  Before doing so, ate fourth bowl of kichadi.

Early evening I will take a 20 min walk.  I did this last night and felt pretty damn wiped out.  Mind you, I am a runner.  It’s killing me not to run.  In fact, yesterday was a gorgeous Portland day and I almost went for it.  So thankful that I did not.  Afterwards, when I told Miss Nielsen this, she nearly had a heart attack.  I was scolded for even thinking about it.  Apparently, all exercise and heavy lifting or any activity that uses muscles and makes one sweat… well, it’s a no-no during a penchakarma.  I’m supposed to be loosening all toxins up, from the deep tissues out, in preparation for Day Nine (i.e. The Great Evacuation).  Exercise compounds this issue and sometimes pushes the toxins deeper down.

I am such a rookie to this whole thing.

Anyhow, today, I am still feeling quite lethargic, but hopeful that soon my body will begin adjusting… and preparing for The Great Evacuation.


  1. Hello Chris,
    I hope the Panchakarma Cleanse will work well for you. I might even give a try and see if I can shed some pounds. However, if you are experiencing headache you might need to increase your water intake.

    keep us posted.

    Ganga Sharma

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