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This is the official Journey to Kathmandu: Deluxe Director’s & Goats’ Edition of the film. It is a DVD/CD Soundtrack Combo Package complete with the following:


Behind-the-scenes footage
Director’s Commentary
‘J2K’ Film Shorts
Deleted Scenes
Original Artwork by W.Ryan Hatch
CD Soundtrack



Use the Paypal Buy Now button to purchase your very own copy of the ‘Journey to Kathmandu’ DVD/CD Soundtrack package!

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How to Make an Attractive DVD Package

We’re so excited buy the energy and response from our successful Kickstarter campaign from last month that we wanted to share with you some of the work that’s been going into the Journey to Kathmandu DVD/CD package.


Ever wonder what goes into making cover art for a DVD or a CD?  Well, check these renderings out!  Brilliant Portland, OR artist, W. Ryan Hatch has shared some of his process with us.  Think of this as a sort of behind-the-scenes of the artist at work.  Which one of these do you like?  We’re partial to the one with Prem-ji, the goats, and the title.  We think Ryan’s work really exemplifies both the journey that the film has taken as well as the actual journey that the goats make to Kathmandu!  Once we’ve finalised our cover art, we’re off to Stumptown Printers to get the packages printed…

photo (5)

photo (6)


Posted by: journeytokathmandu | 2014/02/10

Success! The Goats Have Been Fully Funded!

Hi All,

As most of you may already know, as of about 4 p.m. PST today, the ‘Journey to Kathmandu’ Kickstarter was funded!  This is truly amazing considering that as of that same time yesterday we were only 43 percent funded.  To say that you all picked up the proverbial torch on this one would be a vast understatement.  Watching yesterday’s and today’s activity on both the Facebook and the Kickstarter pages was absolutely thrilling, inspiring, and well, just plain fun.


This says three rather obvious things to me: (1) I have some amazing friends and family (2) you have some equally amazing friends and family (3) people like emails and photos of goats.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done to keep this project going.  You have collectively allowed me to get my film out to the world, which is what I’ve always wanted with this thing.  Ah.  The ‘Journey’ just continues.

What’s next?  Well, the ‘Journey to Kathmandu’ DVD/CD and the rest of the rewards.  It will most likely take about a month or so to get the designs in and the duplication process underway, but after that happens I’ll be contacting each of you for your mailing addresses.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 10.25.51 PM

Thanks again for all of this.  Please check in with us from time to time by going to both the Facebook page as well !

Soon, my friends, The Goats will be making their trek to you.  And it will be Good…

Until that time,
I remain,
Chris G. Parkhurst

Posted by: journeytokathmandu | 2014/01/27

Half Way to Our Goat.. er, Goal!

We’re getting there… slowly, but surely, this thing is starting to pick up some momentum… Keep Sharing the Kickstarter and Facebook links, all!!




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Kickstartin’ the Journey to Get the Film Out There!

Kickstart the Journey


Kickstartin’ the Journey!

As many of you already know, our film was completed and premiered in July 2013. Now we want to get the film out to the world by producing a sweet DVD/CD package (loaded with extras and the original soundtrack!), submitting to the film festival circuit, and a regional tour for schools and communities. So if you wouldn’t mind watching this video, visiting our Kickstarter page, and then ‘Liking’ our Facebook and/or sharing the Kickstarter, we’d be super appreciative.

It is only You that can keep the spirit of the goats alive… and perhaps journeying to your living room…

Kickstart the Journey here!

Official Facebook page


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Premiere an Overwhelming Success!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 was the world premiere of ‘J2K’.  Nearly four years after I first rolled cameras in Nepal, I was finally able to present to the world ‘Journey to Kathmandu’.

photo (23)

And what a satisfying event it turned out to be.  Tickets were sold out 20 minutes before the show.  I saw a lot of colleagues and friends.  There were people in attendance I met for the first time. Pictures were taken.  A little beer and wine was consumed.  Pre and post discussions were had.  It was the first time that I, myself, had actually seen the film on the big screen. (That was definitely a dream come true.  Words cannot adequately describe what it was like going from editing it on tiny computer monitors for over three years to finally seeing it on an actual theatre screen!)

photo (19)

Nate, Jason, Matthew, and Cailin and everyone else at the Hollywood Theatre were brilliant.  I can’t say enough about the friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Other than the usual requisite pre-screening projection technical scare, everything went off without a hitch.

The Q & A following the film was enlightening, engaging, and overall pretty darn fun.  What an interesting sensation being in front of an audience of 111 people and fielding questions about a film that I’d spent the better part of the last four years of my life doing.  Some of the questions were truly thought-provoking and I’m excited to perhaps share video of this in a later blog entry and/or as an extra in the forthcoming ‘Journey to Kathmandu’ dvd.

It was a sold out show

It was a sold out show

Speaking of, a number of people have been asking how they might get a dvd copy of the film.  We sold special limited edition Portland Premiere dvds at the screening for just $10.  These were no frills, no extras, standard definition dvds made just for the event.  (Plans are underway for a high def, extras-loaded dvd to be released later in the year.)  If you’d like to purchase one of the few that are remaining, you can buy through PayPal by sending monies to  Please include $3 for shipping and handling.  That being said, just be aware that the much more presentable dvds will be available in a few months.  These ones are just for those who can’t wait!

Those in attendance were also treated to a first glimpse at the next Barang Films project, as we showed a preview of a documentary that we began filming in Cambodia earlier this year.  Afterwards, a number of people have inquired about the specifics of the project.  I’ll be posting the trailer and more information very soon, so stay tuned for that!

photo (24)

Wednesday, July 31st has come and gone.  But the journey of ‘Journey’ has in some ways only just begun.  We are awaiting word on a few early film festival submissions, most notably Film SouthAsia, which will be running in a number of cities including Kathmandu during this year’s Dashain Festival (!).  Super hopeful that it gets in there so I can tell all of the amazing Nepalis who worked on and starred in ‘Journey’ that they’ll have a great opportunity to go see it!  Distribution and film fest strategies continue and I’ll keep you posted on the various ways that you might be able to catch a viewing of the film or purchase a copy of the dvd.  I’d love any and all help getting the word out as it shows in various cities around the globe.

Until next time,

I remain,

A gratified,

Chris G. Parkhurst

Posted by: journeytokathmandu | 2013/06/14

Tickets On Sale Today for ‘J2K’ World Premiere!

I am excited to announce that, as of today, tickets for the July 31st Portland premiere of ‘Journey to Kathmandu’ have gone on sale!  This event will take place at the historical Hollywood Theater in Portland, Oregon and will begin at 7:30 p.m.  The film will be followed by a short Q & A with the film’s director… me!  Come get answers to questions like “Why did it take you four years to finish a film?” “Do goats make good pets?  What do they taste like?” “Do you imagine you’ll ever make another one of these bloody things ever again??”

If you’ve never been to the Hollywood Theatre you’re in for a treat.  I’ve spent many an evening and matinee in this gorgeous, completely renovated facility that has been showing films since 1926!

As there is limited seating (100 total) and tickets will no doubt go fast (duh!), I would highly recommend purchasing your tickets as soon as possible.  Luckily, there’s a super simple way to get your tickets right this very minute, by going to:

Purchase Journey to Kathmandu World Premiere Tix

See?  That was easy, right?  Now go write it into your calendar so you don’t forget about it and instead do something foolish like attend an outdoor concert or take a trip to the Pacific coast.

Joking aside, I’m really looking forward to seeing all of your shiny happy faces and finally (mercifully!) presenting my film to the world!

The goats await you…

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The Goats Have Arrived!


Remember me?  Remember “the goats”?  It’s been quite some time since a number of you have heard from me, but alas, this time I have some fantastic news to share.
Just a mere three and a half years after shooting commenced in Nepal, I now have a finished film.  That’s right, ‘Journey to Kathmandu’ has finally (mercifully?) been completed!
Party time! The film is finished!

Party time! The film is finished!

This day has certainly been a long time coming.  A number of you have been with me on this journey for quite some, and for that I have immense gratitude.
When and how might you be able to see the film, you might ask?  At the moment, there is a tentative plan for a Portland premiere at the Hollywood Theatre in late-July.  As soon as plans on this are solidified you will be the first to know.  In the meantime, keep coming back here for all of the latest developments!
More details are forthcoming, but for now, let this shortened entry serve notice to you that…
The goats have arrived.

Kind Regards,
Director, ‘Journey to Kathmandu’
Posted by: journeytokathmandu | 2013/04/18

Making of a Score for ‘J2K’

Three pieces of scoring down, one to go. Thanks to Sam Ross and Jared Jensen, this film has really taken form over the past month and a half.  These brilliant songs, coupled with the addition of an entire narration, have completely transformed this film and I’m more eager than ever to share with the world.

Editing the 'Making of J2K Score'

Editing the ‘Making of J2K Score’

When is that, you ask?  Still on track for that target date of April 30th!  There will be one last bit of scoring to be cut into the opening and closing of the film.  Essentially, the film is picture locked.  We’re just awaiting that final piece of music, then a full sound mix and color grading will be done, and then it’ll be finished.  Even after three and a half years of this, it’s still going to be somewhat strange to think that ‘Journey to Kathmandu‘ will be a completed film!

So. Two weeks from my self-imposed deadline.  Together with the help of my intern, Peter, we’ve been working up a film festival strategy as well as a potential distribution plan.  The former has some upcoming application deadlines that should serve as even more motivation to get the film done by the end of this month (like I need any more motivation).

In the meantime, enjoy this short ‘Making of’ doc that I made during the scoring sessions by clicking on the link below!

Making of ‘J2K’ Score

And for anyone who was wondering about the style of singing that Sam is using, it is known as Tuvan throat singing.  This particular way of singing is an variant of overtone singing and it comes from the people of the Tuva region in Sibera. You might remember the indie hit Academy Award nominee documentary, Genghis Blues, which essentially followed an American blind musician to Tuva where he would learn how to sing in this style.

‘Journey to Kathmandu’ friend, and internationally reknowned throat singer, Enrique Ugalde (aka Soriah), was Sam Ross’ personal instructor.



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Almost There!

Now that I’m back from a five week trip to Cambodia, over the past few days, I’ve been able to tweak the story arc and construct narration for the film.  Many of you who know me, know how hesitant I’ve been to put narration or any of my voice in the film at all.  (Truth is, I’ve fought this particular suggestion/feedback for two years!)  Unless you’re Werner Herzog – which, by the way, you are not – I tend to really not like it when people insist on inserting themselves into their documentary (see ‘Born Into Brothels‘, for the best/worst example of this).  Unless there is great reason and purpose to do so, I generally believe that the documentary subjects need to tell their story themselves.

You are not Werner Herzog

It is with this ‘great reason and purpose’, that I have now turned to (resigned myself?) the convention of narration.  This week the narration was written, recorded, and inserted into the entire timeline.  I think people will be happy with this choice.  I’m actually even coming around to it.  Quite frankly, it was necessary; helped fill in some glaring gaps!


The film is really coming together nicely, as all of the elements are finally (!) starting to mesh into a coherent piece.  The next big phase to be tackled will be the score.

The music is actually going to be a critical element of this film, setting up both the atmosphere and emotional tone to evoke that sense of wonder and awe of the Nepalese culture. That being said, I’ll be working with Portland musicians Sam Ross and Jared Jensen (of “Bombs Into You”) to get the score into place. Other than that, it’s a matter of a sound mix and color grade in order to have a finished film. The target date for the film is April 30th.

Journey to Kathmandu

Me writing up narration for ‘Journey to Kathmandu’

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